Gisele Telling Bob Kraft She Woke up at 3:30AM To Tom Studying Film is Why I Love My QB

  • Tara p71

    bahahahahaha I LOVE this. I LOVE that they are kicking every teams butt so far and knowing the microscope is on them, I love how other teams are making excuses- from saying staff are standing in the wrong spot taping to worrying about locker rooms being bugged- ha- these buncha jokers kept poking the bears and are now dealing with the results of that. Sorry folks, but the patriots steam roller is JUST THAT GOOD- they play well under pressure and with this new found determination- not just for Tom, but his team mates- they are set to turn the NFL into a pile of run over players. Keep it up boys- I am loving the show you are putting on over these big mouthed, no delivery buncha turds!!!!

  • richblade

    I love how the game announcers and analysts are starting to show some respect – they realized too late how foolish they sounded every week talking about deflategate and spygate while the greatest team in football is embarrassing every team in the league, as well as the NFL front office. Keep it up PATS!!!

  • Jim

    Who is to say the league wouldn’t lie about the readings. Look at all the miss truths they released to the public to make their point look strong..