This Patriots Fan Yelling to Ray Lewis What Everyone Outside of Baltimore Has Wanted to Say is GREAT

  • marytg

    Ray why don’t you tell us how you got away with murder

    • Cohena2

      Time for some new material.

  • Henry Alfonso

    he got away with murder for one reason HE RATTED

    • Cohena2


  • xgudwilx

    B e a utiful!

  • Ed of Ct.

    Ironic that
    Ray Rice is banned for hitting woman he later married. This thug implicated in Murder gets a job

    This is the network than gave self
    Castrating nut job B Jenner after Three failed marrisges and ex wives a Courage award.
    Go figure.

    • Cohena2


  • Mbarry1919

    Newton is great and having an incredible year (and so are the Panthers). Brady is great and is also having an incredible year (and so are the Patriots). Both should and presumably will be at the top of the MVP discussion and rightfully so. But I do have the distinct feeling that the majority of people who posted this article feel that Brady has done, and will never do anything wrong…no matter what. In addition, if he does not win the MVP, “the league is out to get him again” or “the other guys sucks and doesn’t deserve it.” Ray Lewis was out of line with the tuck rule comment but anyone who thinks that Cam Newton doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with TB12 for this season (not his career, but for 2015) has complete tunnel vision.

    • rtothe3

      This^^. Cam is having an amazing year leading his team. So is Brady. As a Patriots fan I would love to see a battle of the undefeateds in the super bowl. It would be an absolutely amazing situation. Both of them will be in contention for league MVP.

      • Cohena2

        Looks the MVP is going to the super bowl and Brady can watch from home. Maybe he can watch from home with Fomo who said earlier this year he’d see him in January at the super bowl. Hahaha

    • Ginny Miller

      Totally agree and I have no dog in the fight. And the author really ruined his credibility with that nonsense he spewed about Newton. Typical Homer. But yea, Ray Lewis is an annoying, big mouthed idiot. And before any Pats fans jump me… not much you can say about my team that I am not already aware of. Also I am aware last time we played Pats we won by 30 or so points,

  • mike jones

    this also coming from a patriots fan. yea ray lewis sucks but the patriots have still cheated time and time again. brady and belichick are great but they have been caught numerous times red handed cheating. if they were really that great then they wouldn’t need to cheat. from someone outside new england everyone wants to tell you guys that we don’t put them on such a high pedestal as you do because its hard to think as someone as the greatest if they’ve had to cheat there way through. brady sucked that game verse the bills by the way. cam hasn’t had a bad game yet. not to mention the pats gets so much help from the refs. but MY GOD one call goes wrong for them and the world ends and its all over sportscenter

    • AndyDeSt

      Want some wine with that

      • Cohena2


    • Chris Houghton

      Mike who is your favorite team. It would tell me alot if you answer.

      • Cohena2


    • RIsandy

      You claim to be a Pats fan? No way, you are obviously not bright enough to be a Pats fan. Your rant is pathetic.

      • Cohena2


    • Jon F

      Mike, no one really knows about cheating. Now I not saying that the pats are innocent, neither is anyone else. It’s the Pats continued success that makes the media and Patriots haters (like you) talk about them. Have some cheese with you wine

      • Cohena2


    • Bill Blackden

      Brady has been caught numerous times? You are a frigging imbecile

    • Nathan Fuller

      You are a Patriots fan and you think the Patriots cheated? So who is innocent then? Certainly not the other 31 teams and definitely not the NFL League office and it’s cronies – most of all the d-bag commissioner! Get a clue dude.

  • Reality

    Yeah, for the INFORMED individual who actually knows the FACTS that came out at the Ray Lewis trial… it’s blatantly obvious that he should have never been charged to begin with (all testimony including prosecution witnesses said his only involvement in the melee was an attempt to STOP it; and the poor deceased victims actually ignited the fight an assault / robbery attempt on Lewis’ group). Unlike Aaron Hernandez… who, well… ya know… was Bob Kraft’s cherished reclamation project who actually DID what he was accused of and is rotting away in jail for ACTUAL murder. But don’t let facts get in the way.

  • Cohena2

    You Pats fans are salty as hell. I love it. Where were you pricks before 2001? What teams bandwagon were you on then while Foxboro was a half empty stadium every week. Stay salty Baaaaahstun. Hahahaha

    • Simon

      LMAO Is that the best you got? Another BUTTHURT fan that’s been destroyed by PATRIOT NATION above!!!!! You hate us coz you aint us dickhead.

  • Ranae Hall

    It still brings tears to my eyes… My I say sir I LOVE YOU !!!!!!