Peyton Manning In Deep After Being Linked To HGH In New Report

  • Michael Daly

    This is Al Jazeera making these claims. Al Jazeera is merely the “news” arm of Islamic terrorists, not a legitimate information source – “not the most dependable of God’s creatures” to use a great dialogue from Spencer Tracy.

  • Stephen Konigsberg

    Manning is done like dinner and the NFL will just white wash the whole affair and Manning will quietly retire because there is NO INTEGRITY IN THE NFL as long as the billionaires club (the crooked owners) and THE COMMISSIONER RODGER GODDELL (THE SON OF A DISGRACED NEW YORK SENATOR) are running things. Hey Jerry Jones can you hire some more criminal thugs for your failure of a team?

  • Bill Blackden

    Haha, you got caught. Now do a Clemens and hand your wife out to dry