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Rob Gronkowski Celebrating and Texting JJ Watt After The Patriots Win Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

  • Teresa Gonzales

  • JoeDrager

    Good sense of humor.

  • PassingBye

    Does anyone there REALLY think this is “laugh out loud funny”???? Not only did I manage not to do that, I didn’t even smile. Gronk is NOT an idiot, and doubt he is laughing either. Would be great if next time something here is billed as hysterically funny, it is at least mildly amusing!

    • Rob Johnson

      You know what people with the screen name “PassingBye” should do… Pass bye and shut your damn mouth… No kidding he isn’t stupid, it’s all in good fun, if you don’t like it, don’t read it… Clearly if you see the comments on Facebook 99/100 laugh. Move on. Nice article OTM

      • Ryan

        If you believe this is real you’re a special kind of stupid.

      • PassingBye

        Well maybe only 1 out 100 knows that perhaps Gronk isn’t amused and cares how HE is taking it. Aside from that, if someone wanted to do it, than do it with real humor…..which IS lacking here for anyone with a good sense of humor, not nonsense only true simpletons would laugh at.

        • Stephen Konigsberg

          Dude, have you ever seen Gronk in action? I doubt very much he would not laugh at this for it is funny. Too bad you do not have a sense of humor.