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Gronk Texting Peyton Manning After HGH Report Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

  • Jim Longo

    ProFootballMock did these way better.

  • Marshfield

    Funny or Die started this whole trend. Way to be original. This is a weak attempt.

  • CSBlum25


    • John

      Said nobody.

      • CSBlum25

        Yes, you are a nobody, I agree with you on that!

  • jo

    Typical Bostonian scum

  • Jose Carbajal

    I was like what the hell gronk isn’t even that smart but then I seen it was Boston based and I realized therein lies the problem!!

  • Indytims

    This was an incredibly lame attempt at humor. I want the 30 seconds back I spent reading this garbage.

  • CSBlum25

    Pitiful, if it was Brady, Goodell would already have an “impartial” task force faking an investigation, leaking false evidence, ignoring science, and withholding critical evidence, but Goodell is on the Peyton “Manwagon.”

    • Paul McKay Hart

      Show some evidence that he took anything other than vitamins. It sounds like you are sore because Tom got caught . Water under the bridge now.

      • CSBlum25

        Tom did not get caught. Haven’t you read Judge Berman’s opinion, which will be upheld by the Court of Appeals. Deal with reality, not your fantasies and wishes!

        • Paul McKay Hart

          What actually happened was that the judge nullified the punishment as handed out by the league because the two sides could not reach an agreement. That is what the reality is. Hey I am not a Brady hater on the contrary feel he is a great QB but there was too much evidence to prove he asked for the pressure of the balls that he used to be adjusted. I didnt agree with the initial ruling however (far too harsh IMO) Tom was in fact guilty of what the charges say he was. Just because a judge let the punishment go away it does not make what happened go away. Sorry it seemed like I was taking a shot at Tom, I realize as a fan you would logically come to his defense. Just wondering as a Pats fan if I could ask how the fan base is taking the loss to the Broncos(not rubbing it in just wondering) because I talked to a bunch of fans that said Pats would destroy the broncos etc.

          • CSBlum25

            Wrong – Bderman specifically said in his opinion there was NO PROOF of Brady’s guilt. I’m sorry Pats lost, but Denver played the better game and deserved the win, and I hope they represent the AFC and win the Superbowl!

          • Paul McKay Hart

            I am glad you are behind them unlike many others who were looking for every reason in the world that the Patriots lost ref scandals non calls etc. This shows you are a real football fan and not just a fanboy like many others. Your team is run extremely well and has made a habit out of taking players that some didn’t want and turning them into stars.with regards to the ruling there is an extremely well written article by cbs sports that outlines the ruling did not specifically address proof but rather the process in which it was handled. The judge stated that himself. At this point I don’t care one way or the other whether or not he “cheated” but I do know it’s been fun watching him (andPeyton) play as I feel we have been lucky enough to watch 5 or 6 very good QBs play in the past 15 years. All of them I’m sure we will see in Canton.

          • Slexie

            I’ve been on a lot of threads both before and after the game and it’s been crickets. A lot of people have deleted their accounts, and some are saying the game was fixed and the refs were on the take. Pats fans are the worst.

  • Paul McKay Hart

    You know whats really funny is that Peyton and the broncos had the last laugh here.

  • Slexie

    This isn’t even funny. Who writes this stuff?

  • Kevin Hickman

    wow….cant get back that two minutes of my life…..that was a stupid waste