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ESPN Employees Are Being Told Not To Report Or Discuss Manning Story

  • Jay Wilbanks

    sounds like someone has a case of the dislikes for the Mannings and is using that bias to report unproven information and calling them facts.

    • FirstTimeCallerLongTimeListene

      It’s not unproven information. The information comes from court documents. It’s not a case of the dislikes, it’s proof that Peyton really isn’t the “aw shucks, golly Gomer Pyle guy that his PR team have crafted. More like a monster

      • Joshua Samuels

        And I’m sure all football players have always been model citizens throughout they’re football playing careers.

    • Jason

      Sounds like you are speaking when you don’t know what you’re speaking about…

    • Aypuesok

      Unproven?? Deflategate is unproven. Manning and HGH is a fact when his own supplier rats him out, and the record shows that the HGH was delivered to his house in his wife’s name. The media and ESPN has always kissed Archie Mannings ass so, they won’t go against his kids either and the truth is, Archie Manning was a mediocre player who never accomplished anything in his short lived NFL “Career”. Beats me why he’s got them by the balls.

      • Fish61324

        Comments like yours are what make me mad that you can’t see the number of down votes people get……because I KNOW you must have a lot

    • albatross

      you don’t get it. its not being reported. was there a minute that went by over the course of months and months that you didn’t hear about deflategate? espn hates the patriots and loves manning.

  • Kim Qitqat Brechtel
  • Carol

    How about the weather woman from Indy that Peyton used to get his daily forecast from, to put it nicely. It would appear that the Manning name and money go a long way to silence opposition.

  • So literally in one paragraph you go from “Peyton Manning definitely cheated” to “if the HGH allegations are true.” Make up your mind. Also, ESPN hasn’t said boo about the deflated football thing in months. But by all means, keep feeling like they’re out to get you when the Pats have actually been proven cheaters, and on more than one occasion. They put themselves in that position. Their legacy is tainted for good. You put quotation marks around Manning’s career and call him mediocre, like there are dozens of quarterbacks who have made it to 4 super bowls and won 2 of them. I’m not a Manning fanboy and I think everyone would agree this past season was obviously reliant on the Bronco defense, but the fact remains he’s a legend, and to be perfectly honest, even if (note the IF and not the certainty that we can put on Brady) he did use HGH or really any other pharmaceutical, his career stands on its own. Mediocre, really? 200 wins is mediocre? The all time number one? I’m interested to hear your definition of greatness then.

    • albatross

      throw out all wins this past year. he did nothing to earn them. espn’s “head” is so far up manning’s ass that its pathetic and their anti patriots slant is legendary.

    • jan

      Get a clue moron. EVERY QB screws with PSI inflation, as Aaron Rodgers admitted and the NFL NEVER cared and they NEVER tested footballs during games for PSI and they NEVER even told the players about the bogus PSI rule because PSI was a GAMESMANSHIP issue. At least until the Colts and Ravens started whining and Goodell decided to conduct a sting operation of the Patriots to restore his image after botching Ray Rice. Goodell needs to go to prison for what he did to Brady.

      • G-Man

        IF this article didn’t cry so much about Brady, it might have come across more credible. As it stands I can’t get past the continued whining of Pats fans regarding Brady and deflate-gate. If the NFL had done things right, they would have taken the SB XXVI trophy away for filming the Rams walk-through – see Spy-gate. Deflate-gate was a terrible make-up call for other far more egregious Pats scandals. Yeah Jan, let’s send Goodell to prison for what he did to Brady. Hyperbole much??

        • FirstTimeCallerLongTimeListene

          There was no filming. ESPN got that bogus story from the Boston Herald. The herald retracted their story a few months later. But ESPN waited a whole lot longer. Their retraction came one weeknight around 1 am.
          But they still haven’t retracted Mort’s erroneous story from last January.

    • Charlz in charge

      Deflated football? NFL couldn’t prove shit that’s why.

  • Joshua Samuels

    Bunch of butthurt patriots fans. And one giant douche who wrote this. Shit happened in college. And manning was out recovering from neck surgery if he was actually proven to take any steroids or drugs. So why don’t you patriots lovers relax and take your Brady replica dildos out of your ass’s.

    • jan

      Screw You. Manning has turned out to be a fraud, a phony, a DIVA, a CHEATER and a bully. His image is falling apart. He tried to cover up his HGH usage as well as the sexual assault allegations. He calls his kicker an idiot for missing a kick. He yells at the scoreboard operation for the way he’s portrayed on the video scoreboard. He has turned out to be a complete fraud.

      • Joshua Samuels

        Sounds like your the diva Jan. Bitching and complaining. Obviously you have forgotten that Brady is no saint and is just as much of a whiney bitch than manning.

        • phil

          You can take Peyton’s balls out of your mouth any time you want.

          • FirstTimeCallerLongTimeListene

            Phil, that was perfect

  • dmccall

    Nice grammar. SMH

  • Daniel

    Maybe it has to do with not being drug into a lawsuit about another lawsuit that is still ongoing? And you are writing about a freaking tweet from someone who doesn’t reveal a source. Well guess what, someone told me that the anchor never said that. so….

  • Dana

    Um, if someone’s deflating footballs, that IS cheating and IS worthy of notice and condemnation. Brady and Manning both suck, Manning just sucks worse. As many men as want to play for the NFL, why do these teams hang on to losers? Kick them to the curb and let guys with higher standards play. After all, that’s one of the meanings of “professional”.