Should Tom Brady Attend Super Bowl 50 Celebration? We Explain Why He Should and You Vote

  • missedgehead

    Of course, he was excited about the invitation in April of 2015. However, you forget what happened in May of 2015. He was handed down a ridiculous 4 game suspension for one of the most ridiculous scandals ever. His name was dragged through the mud by the same NFL that now wants to honor him? No. He should not attend.

  • 1patsfan4eva

    I would not blame Tom Brady one bit if he chose not to go as it is so unfair the way he has been treated by Goodell. However, Tom Brady is one of the best, and as a PROUD fan of Tom and the New England Patriots, I would love to see Tom get the recognition he truly deserves…..despite the bogus trumped up charges, he should hold his head high for himself, his family, and the fans who love him. It won’t make a difference to Goodell or any of the haters if he doesn’t show. It will make us all feel proud if he does. I think that the fact that he’s earned it will be there will make Goodell look like the hypocrite, and %$#&^ he is. I would love to see the whole team and former team members there to support him, that would be amazing!