Video: The Difference Between Tom Brady and Lebron James is Astonishing

  • Aypuesok

    That’s why Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T., Class all the way. Go Patriots!!

    • C.O.A.T – Classiest of all time. lol

  • Agree with everything but the “never in commercials thing”. Granted he’s not in a lot of them but he definitely does advertise for UGG, and Tag Heuer and he even did that commercial as a telemarketer for some draft kings type website. Nothing wrong with using your fame to make a little money though, like you said he also does tons for charities.

    • Off The Monster

      I acknowledged he is in them, but they are never about himself.. He has best buddy commercials too. And when he does do a commercial for Under Armor or someone else, they are always sending an inspiring message or something. It’s never about himself.

  • Michael Alan Gandy

    First off there is a big difference from not even supposed to be in a league and being the face of one at of a leauge at 18 damn it! I love my QB in Brady, but why act like he was even projected to be on a team after his draft? We all know the Mr irrelevant. Shit even the Pats past on him 6 times. Lebron has being call the chosen one out of high school so stop with these bullshit like the media didn’t stat this! Plus basketball is the type of sport that can be taken over by one person more often than not. Unlike football which is the ultimate team sport can only be won as a team. Last but not least remind me who Brady was compared to straight out of college? Was is Montana? No, because unlike LBJ Brady had to work at being great to achieve his greatness. Where Lebron was an 18 year kid with great talent just lacking talent around him might I say much like a young Michael Jordan before pippen,Kerr,Bj Armstrong, Horus Grant, the Worm ect. Smdh! #youpeople

    • Lyns Jean-Baptiste

      I hear what you are saying, but in a way you gave credence to Brady. No one thought Brady was good except himself and his parents. He has won even without big names on the roster and even had to overcome odds to get to where he is at. Let’s just appreciate both players and stop comparing Apple’s to oranges. The teams are on two different sports that are words apart from each other

  • filya2

    8 out of 10 times, it was Kyrie who was called upon to take and make, tough buckets for Cleveland. But Lebron won the MVP. Makes you wonder, what these people voting for MVP is seeing. If Igudola could win it last year, instead of Steph, then …

    • tonybot3

      i don’t know… maybe they saw that LeBron led BOTH teams in EVERY single category… points, blocks, steals, rebounds, and assists. It would be unfathomable NOT to give it to him.

  • tonybot3

    to be fair, neither Love nor Kyrie sniffed the Playoffs even, until LeBron got there. Now they World Champs. LeBron did that. LeBron assembled the roster. LeBron changed the culture. LeBron made everyone believe. Brady doesn’t do all that stuff, because 1, he’s not capable of it…. and 2. because he doesn’t have that power. He’s just an employee. LeBron is more than just an employee.