Chris Simms Went On A Tantrum About All The Love For Tom Brady And His Performance Thus Far

  • Karl Spencer

    For those that are saying “It was Cleveland” when asked about Brady’s performance Sunday here are the facts on other qb’s vs Cleveland so far this year:
    Philadelphia (Wentz) 278 yards 2 TD’s
    Baltimore (Flacco) 302 yards 2 TD’s 2 Interceptions
    Miami (Tannehill) 319 yards 3 TD’s 2 interceptions
    Washington (Cousins) 183 yards 3 TD’s 1 interception
    Best so far Tom Brady 406 yards 3 TD’s no interceptions and highest completion rate vs. Browns so far this year.

  • Insomnia4Ever

    While I don’t disagree that Simms behaves like a petulant child, I do take issue with likening him to “a little girl” – since there are plenty of examples of boys and men behaving in such childish ways that are invariably and unfairly likened to girls. Doubt me? Check out footage of either Manning QB pouting when they are losing a game. Or liken his tantrums to Justin Bieber – a far greater insult IMO.

  • Neil Parry

    Yet he is talking about it! What a backwards fucking git!

  • beebee

    Haters gonna hate