Boston News

Roger Goodell Was Asked Whether He Will Return To Foxboro

  • michele king

    The Patriots probably don’t want him there. The fans don’t want him there either!! He may just want to stay away. He will not be greeted there with a warm and friendly welcome, that’s for sure. I am a die hard Patriots fan, and I cannot stand to even see a pic of him!!! He is a sorry excuse for a commissioner, and he should have been fired over the deflategate b.s!! He then has the nerve to use the Patriots (broadcasting last week’s game nationwide) as a way to boost ratings for the NFL!!! You are an asshole Goodell!!!!!!!!!!! I love what it has done for the team though…Brady is kicking ass and taking names!!!! 🙂

  • Douglas Woods

    Mike–Well said–The only thing you forgot is that Goodell is also a piece of shit !!

  • Bill Chadwick

    Dead F R I G I N meat !

  • RepublicanMasshole

    I’d like him to go to Tasmania and never come back.

  • ryan

    So, is this woman doing the “investigating” going to be the sacrificial lamb? We know Goodell isn’t going to step down and someone has to answer. Hasn’t Goodell stolen enough money? He is so full of shit. Everyone knows it. How long do we have to listen to this crap

  • Trevor Chadwick

    I know ratings were down in my house because of Goodell. No NFL in my home weeks 1-4.

  • Jake is king

    FU Goodell, we don’t want you in Foxborough!!

  • Douglas Woods

    Foxbough halloween alert–Goodell is in town dressed as an ashole