New York Giants Caught Breaking NFL Rule Again During Last Nights Game Vs. Eagles

  • DC

    I wonder if they’ll be punished as harshly as the Browns were for sending a text message during a game? Wasn’t it $250K, plus the GM getting suspended for 4 games?

    • Michael Henry

      Stop it.. Its Barnes, the Senior Vice President, Medical Services/Head Athletic Trainer. “Team doctors and members of the athletic training staff are permitted to use tablet devices, cell phones, smart phones, or similar devices within the bench area and locker room to communicate player injury information, but may not communicate competitive or strategic information.

      • bluestatehostage

        So…we know that this applies to this guy standing here texting on the sidelines? What about Roethlisburger against the Ravens last year, also busted in a nationally televised game? Where was the punishment there? What about Minnesota and Carolina holding balls in front of a heater in a clear equipment violation in a nationally televised game? The more the NFL fails to come down as hard on these things as they do to the Patriots every time they so much as cast a sideways glance the more they show their true intent with all of that bullshit.

  • Miriam Maxey

    Whoever wrote this article is an ass.

    • bluestatehostage

      Says what is probably a Giants fan.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    They should receive one final warning. Then with another violation they forfit that game. Playoffs are here. !