Atlanta Brewery That Lost Bet With Samuel Adams Brewery Followed Through In Excellent Fashion

It was one of the more well known bets that took place prior to Super Bowl 51. Samuel Adams brewery in Boston made a bet with an Atlanta based brewery, the loser had to put out a beer honoring the champs.

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SweetWater Brewing Co. followed through with their latest beer that honors the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

The can itself is beautiful, it features two football platers casting a rod with a Falcon flying nearby. The can is scripted with the words: ‘A soul crushing pale ale that will leave you feeling deflated (dig at deflate gate). No GOAT was harmed in the creation of this beer, but we gave it our best shot. #RogerThat

The brewery printed 100 of these cans and are souvenirs that tourists can buy. Now my only question is, can you ship souvenir alcohol in the mail?!?

  • Raji the Green Witch

    “Now my only question is, can you ship souvenir alcohol in the mail?!?” The manufacturer can but ordinary postal customers can not. It requires an actual distributor license to be able to ship alcohol through the US Mail.