Boston Globe Writer Writes Piece About Fans Disowning Pats, Turns Out He Just Interviewed His Friends

  • Alan H. Gluck

    I guess the question is why would you give it enough merit to even write about it, 2 idiotic articles don’t make a right.

    • Thomas Young

      Maybe “two wrongs don’t make a right”, but this is not an example of that. This is a) a fraudulent article, and b) an article exposing the fraud.
      I prefer to be informed when things are fraudulent; maybe you don’t.

  • Chuck Daly

    Hello. I just wanted to clarify– the “fraud” thesis of this story is entirely inaccurate. I am not friends with Dugan Arnett. We have never met in real life. I have only spoken with him on the phone and online for interviews for the Globe article. We only became “Facebook friends” a couple of weeks ago solely as a means of communication for the article. This is a pretty common practice. I’ve included my own screenshot to back up my point showing that we’ve only been “friends” for a few weeks. You can take issue with the content of the article, that’s fine; but there is no conspiracy regarding the merit of Mr. Arnett’s reporting. Have a great day!

  • Jim Belichick

    Sorry Chuck. You’re article was a DISASTER!