The Last Second Call On Marcus Smart Last Night Is Everything That’s Wrong With The NBA

The Boston Celtics have been on a roll lately, having won 11 of their last 12 games, they were set to take on the Chicago Bulls in Chicago in their final game before the All Star break.

A tight game ended with a controversial call which sealed the win for the Bulls. With less than a second left and trailing by 1 point, Bulls forward Jimmy Butler was ‘fouled’ by Marcus Smart which sent Butler to the line and eventually sealed the win. The problem was, Smart barely even breathed on Butler and the foul was called:

Is this really what the NBA has become? I know it’s been bad for a while now, but this is just awful. This is exactly what is wrong with the NBA. After the shot, Butler looked over at the ref as if to say ‘call a foul’ then that’s exactly what the ref did.

Smart barely touched Butler, the ref didn’t even call anything until the shot missed, it really makes it hard to not think these games are rigged. Tim Donaghy part 2. Brad Stevens very rarely gets upset, or better yet, curses, but he went ballistic after the call.

Last night was a perfect opportunity for Stevens to make a statement after the game, take the fine, but make a point. These refs are horrendous and they deserve to be called out. If nothing is said, it will just keep happening.

Isaiah Thomas took to Twitter following the loss with 3 characters that said it all:

He then commented on SportsCenter’s Instagram post letting everyone know it was a bogus call and cost the Celtics the game:

Each and every one of these games is so important going down the stretch and these guys know that. Right now it’s all about jockeying for position and these games are so important when you have a tight race at the top of the standings.

Smart weighed in after the game and let it be known he got punished for playing good defense:

The loss is certainly tough to swallow heading into the All Star break. Screw these refs.