NFL Competition Committee Is Considering Proposal To Change Over Time Rules Again…

  • Arthur Jackson

    The idea of going to college rules is dumb because it gives the team that gets the ball last a HUGE advantage. Not only do they know exactly what they need to do to win or tie (i.e., whether they need a FG or a TD), but they get an extra down to do it, because if the team that gets the ball first scores, the team that gets it last is immediately in a four-down situation. Not only do they receive this advantage, but they receive it at no cost or risk, because even if the first team scores a TD, the second team remains alive.

    The current system is perfect because it confers just the right balance of risk and reward. The team that gets the ball first has an advantage in that if they score a TD they win. However, the team that gets the ball second has the advantage of only having to hold their opponent without a TD, in which case they then get the ball back knowing exactly what they need to do, and having four downs to do it.

    The team that kicks off of course has the disadvantage of possibly having their offense never have an opportunity to see the field, should the first team to get the ball score a TD, as the Patriots did in the Super Bowl. However, the team that receives the kickoff also bears a lot of risk, because if they go three-and-out then and have to punt, they will likely give their opponent good field position in a situation where they only need a FG to win. And if heaven forbid, the team that gets it first turns the ball over in their own territory, then the game is pretty much over, as the other team will only need to kick a short FG to win.

    But let’s be brutally honest here. If the roles were reversed and it was the Falcons who had won on the first possession in OT, there’d be none of this talk about changing the OT rules. Personally, I’m getting really tired of people proposing rule changes every time the Patriots win.

    • Belle Ferrar

      100% agree with you Arthur.