ESPN’s Bob Ley Is ‘Stunned’ The Patriots Are Visiting White House In Wake Of Hernandez’s Death

  • Eric Matthew Lima

    ESPN is a bunch of stupid idiots!

  • Ted Papoutsakis

    Why is Bob Ley still working for ESPN? For him to act like a real person committed suicide implies to me that he’s so anti Patriot that he shouldn’t even be broadcasting in New England. Hernandez was a piece of garbage snd this world is a better place now that he’s not using up its oxygen.

  • Michael King

    Another reason you will never see me watching ESPN or should I say “Rogers mouthpiece”

  • Belle Ferrar

    I am “stunned, stunned” that you are even considered a sports reporter!

  • Randy Haskins

    There’s only one thing ESPN is losing faster than credibility — subscribers! 😂

  • Mary Ellen O’Brien-Maguire

    I dont get the connection between the visit to WH and the unfortunate death of Mr. Hernandez. Their connection was in the past and ended when he went to jail. The patriots treated him well and gave him many opportuntirs. He choose poorly..they moved on. ESPN is the worst. The mike and mike show was awful in regard to this subject this morning.