Gronkowski Get’s Away With Off-Field Antics Because….He’s White? Shannon Sharpe Thinks So

  • patriotschic83

    WHY! Throw the race card in???? Be part of the solution not part of the problem idiot! GO PATRIOTS!!

  • James Moe Morency

    We really need to get Shannon Not too Sharpe off the air. He is racist, and quite frankly, not that good an analyst. He hates hates hates Tom Brady, refuses to give the guy credit for zip.

  • Blonde Dawn

    Every time Shannon speaks I want to stab my ear drums with ice picks. He sounds like he dresses…ridiculous. On an intelligence scale of 1 thru 10, Shannon is a potato.

  • jackell59

    I have met Gronk, and I have met and interacted with one of his brothers. There could not be a more down home original family if it was created by Hollywood, and the color of their skin has nothing to do with it. I have met and talked to Luis Tiant, K.C. Jones, Moe Vaughn and they are equally as down home great people and none of that has anything to do with their skin color either. When are we going to dispose of this hatred that swirls around race relations, If Sharpe is jealous of Gronk for staying out late and having a good time then just be jealous, but stop hating him for it.