The Dude That Took This Motivational Picture At Today’s Marathon Just Stuffed ESPN Into A Body Bag

  • Rat_Fink_Forever


  • Aluna

    That’s what you call Boston “Balls” ! Love that guy.

  • emoney

    “There’s no real journalism anymore, just sheer laziness.” -Says the person writing an article about a twitter exchange…

    • Jen22w

      Oh STFU..Was that lazy enough for you.

      • Chris Steinbrick

        LMFAO!!!! You go girl!

      • emoney

        lol what??

    • No one said I was a journalist

  • BillMilligan

    The “courtesy” was going to be a cash payment. Fool.

    • Jeremy

      Beliefs over cash any day he’s obviously not a prostitute

      • Eric C Hughes

        Courtesy does not mean cash.

        • Lee_Lubarsky

          In this case “courtesy” means a photo credit in exchange for ESPN not having to send a reporter out into the field.

    • Jan

      You’re a real genius aren’t you?

    • LolNo

      Nope the “courtesy” was going to be his twitter handle on their feeds while paying $0 for photo credit just like every other interesting post on twitter. News agencies are probably dropping staff photos like flies when they can get all their content for free.

  • LeRoy

    ESPN stuck with the story. They did their job. Get over it. Why the crass language?

  • That photo is a screen capture of Fox network Superbowl game coverage. That opens a can of worms of “expressed written consent”. I suppose ESPN would have to ask Fox for permission!

  • tillzen

    “Nothing ethical about ESPN” ? As opposed to our unethical, greedy and lazy general public? ESPN is merely the snapshot of the worst of us.

    • Deplorable Hombre Mo!

      Youre merely the snapshot of the looney liberal elite, except youre too chicken shiite to include a snapshot of you in your profile pic!