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The NFL Has Weighed In On The Eli Manning Accusations 

  • Michael Bushey

    This means that if you a New York Giants fans and paid good money for amd Eli Manning helmet worn in a game and it was a fake how do you get your money back ?
    We’re is the Justice? Just because his last name is Manning. I think the New York Giants fans abs any Football fan and think this is unfair then We need to stick together and BOYCOTT THE NEW YORK GIANTS football game and watching it in pancake TV and regular TV. To show how disgusting what a fraud Eli Manning really is a fraud and not a vertical good quarterback. Yes he wone two Super Bowls but look at the plays his teammates had to make too win the Superbowl.

  • James Moe Morency

    The NFL had better do something about this this stains the legitimacy of any NFL memorabilia because if they allow this to go on here who knows what else they’ve allowed to go on with other teams

  • Randy Haskins

    The NFL owners “club” has too many lucky sperms and not enough people who have ever accomplished any. That will only get worse as time goes on…

  • Jason

    Wow theres a shock another new england clown that thinks cheating during a game is right up there with moral conduct. Your qb got caught cheating twice. The giants got caught and admitted to using walkie talkies only when their communications werent working. What did the pats play marco polo and got lost at the other teams practice?!?!? Stop being overdramatic

    • Henrik Slaug

      Patriots QB caught cheating twice?? Get back on your meds..or is it meth?… Caught cheating zero times, get your facts straighten out!

  • Pattay13

    Doesn’t Eli have enough money to NOT have to pass off fraudulent memorabilia?