Tom Brady Makes His Decision On This Weeks White House Visit

  • Carol Cognata

    so proud of you Tom and the rest of the Patriot’s who have chosen to do the right thing! You are what is right with the U.S. Thank you

  • Randy Haskins

    I am outraged! How dare you inject a calm and reasonable sentiment into this discussion? 😜

  • Sheryl McElroy Haselton

    The decision is his to make….whether we agree or disagree doesn’t matter. I don’t like the person in the white house….but the team should be honored as previous teams before have been…. It’s not a political statement because they go. Just my thoughts.

  • Diane Machado Blair

    Shame on the one’s that are not going to attend because of political reasons. I could understand if they were already scheduled elsewhere etc…but to not go for political reasons is ridiculous. Man up and go as a team is my opinion. At the end of the day it is their decision and right to go or opt out however, to me they are acting like petulant children by opting out. All that aside…GO PATS!!!!

  • Roberta Morton

    SOME people actually act like adults. Go Tom, very classy.

  • Alan H. Gluck

    I could buy the decision if he had gone when Obama was President, but he chose not to. I love Tom he makes my Football life very enjoyable, and I don’t care about his political standing as Tom Brady the person, but as Tom Brady the Patriot’s QB and GOAT, I care about this political stand he has taken