NFLPA Will Be Investigating Tom Brady And New England Patriots After Gisele’s Concussion Claims

  • Gee

    Yay !!! More controversy concerning the Patriots.
    WTH…. Some things just don’t stop!

    • michele king

      This will be a much bigger issue, and the penalty by that clown Goodell will be more harsh than any the league has ever seen. Why? Well, there’s the obvious…he’s Tom Brady!! Then there’s what is also obvious, 31 team owners, all of their coaching staff, and their players are going to whine that Tom Brady and the Patriots are better than they are, concussions and all!! Nothing would surprise me when it comes to the NFL, and their smear tactics against the Patriots organization. smh!!!

  • dsantos

    Yippee another investigation = Super Bowl win #6.


  • Sportsman

    If the proof shows he didn’t have a concussion, that just means that somebody like Mack is gonna nail him to the ground and give him one.

  • heteroxalstalker

    My guess is every player in the league suffers from some sort of concussion every season.