Brady Gets 6th Finger Surgically Added To Hand To Hold Future Ring (SATIRE)

  • Elijah H Main

    This has to be fake. If this is real than I hate Tom Brady now……

    • Dan Millet

      of course it’s fake, really?

      • StanOfTheSwamp

        He must of missed the where it says SATIRE in the title

        • John

          I hate when 4 year old kids learn to read!!

  • Dan Jordan

    actually, I’ve seen many times that if teams pressure him, he gets very flustered, and starts his whining to the refs.

    • Master_Rabbit

      I’m guessing you saw him react to a player getting held or someone poking him in the eye or diving at his legs after the whistle. Either that or you only watch Tom Brady and miss the rest of the game and other player’s reactions.

  • Master_Rabbit

    This is so awesome. Thank you Giselle for being cool with this!

    Any chance she’d consider a 7th finger, or is it mandatory retirement after this?