People Are Apparently Outraged Over The Epic Tee Shirt Bill Belichick Wore

  • Thomas Moore

    It’s just a shirt, it’s humor. Maybe bad taste for some, but geez lighten up snowflakes.

  • tcnmf

    Pretty poor taste, but not a big deal. That said, he can take the criticism, and it’s ridiculous to go to most celebs for their political opinions.

    • Christine Curtin

      It’s just a damn T shirt,,summer wear. I’ve seen much worse. Come on peoples..give it a break..look at some of your own shirts and your kids shirts…this is no big deal. Lighten up.

  • Krunchy

    So, do we get to SEE the offensive T-shirt? The picture here cuts off right before anything offensive can be seen.

  • patsfan1280

    OMG…who cares about his t-shirt! I wish people would pay attention to their own lives and stop this obsessing over “celebrities.” The things that some people get upset about is just insane.

  • Pattay13

    I am more offended that this is almost a belly shirt. Not a good look for an older guy.

  • leo

    I love it. Bill where can I buy the Shirt.

  • Sandra Conley Knapp

    Poor snowflakes – sympathizing with the enemy! Next these douche-canoes will go after the company that made the t-shirt! hahaha!