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Video: 4 Year Old Boy With Autism Berated By Yankees Fan At Yankee Stadium

  • will

    If the chlld is that excitable out of control that he has to wear a helmet, then maybe the middle a loud cheering crowd isn’t the best place for him to be

    • tjmartin

      Will the snowflake, that uses phrases like “libtardism”, showing why white male conservatives are the scum of the earth. We don’t do victim blaming anymore, snowflake.

      • Erik Denning

        You aren’t allowed to say snowflake anymore, unless you also squeeze in “cabal”, “elite”, or “sheeple”. I can’t even tell whose side you’re on, dude. But who is the victim you are referring to? The guy who paid his hard earned money to enjoy a baseball game, or the guy whose life will be torn apart because of a viral video that lacks context?

    • Paul Bennett


    • Chris Toms

      Autistic kids should be allowed to enjoy the same things “normal” kids are. You don’t know anything about this topic obviously. It’s hard enough as a parent of a special needs kid to be told they can’t be in certain places. I think everyone else needs to learn to relax and allow themselves a little distraction or discomfort if a kid is a little loud for a moment, or maybe if, oh I don’t know, they can’t control their bodies because of autism. It’s not their fault, but it’s yours for judging and promoting the ethos of ostracizing our special needs children.

  • Paul Adams

    I wouldn’t expect anything else from a Yankees fan.

  • Mary Genna

    It’s Yankee Stadium!!! Everyone is jumping and screaming, He couldn’t overlook this obviously disabled child. Then on top of it call him names. Any half way decent person would just thank God he is not, or had a child in this condition. I’m from Boston. We are right “Yankee Fans $uck” At least this one does.

  • Sam Steinborn

    I am completely disgusted with yankee security and the fact that the “fan” or ignorant piece of excrement was not immediately ejected is a complete insult to every single parent of any child, but more importantly to a parent of a child with special needs.

    The kid is 4 years old, Being a baseball fan, kids are what the game is all about anyways.

    Good thing i live in AZ and I know the dback staff would never let that go, as well as any of the spring training venues here. To the DiMarco’s I am sorry that this happened and if you are ever out here lets go to a game.

    GO CUBS!!!!

  • Paul Bennett

    The man should not have called the child retarded. He should have told the parents to stop their kid from kicking his chair. Too many times parents allow their kids to interrupt the peace of others in public. Your kids are your kids. You need to control your kids. If you can’t control your kids, don’t bring them out in public disturbing the peace and space of others.

    • Chris

      Hey guess what…as a parent of an autistic boy, that’s much easier said than done. If you want to restrain them 24/7 then sure, that would work. You have no idea what you’re talking about buddy. They can’t control their bodies and hence, cannot be willingly controlled at a moments notice. Sorry my kid might be in your space and disrupt your peace one day. Get a grip man.

      • Chris Thompson

        Also as as a father of a autistic boy, I have to agree more with Paul, with my son the problem was also when we went out to eat, he would stand on the seat and “bother” the people eating in the booth behind us. We asked the therapists from the Autism centre he attends three days per week, the best way to deal with it, they suggested the 3 strikes your out rule, first time he does it stop and restrain him for a moment and explain this behaviour isn”t acceptable then let him go, if he does it again remove him from the setting, in Yankee stadium perhaps it could be a quitter area near a washroom, look him in the eyes and remind him the behaviour isn”t allowed and if it happens again we”re leaving, if it happens third time LEAVE, make sure you remind him why. I know Yankees ticket are expensive but so are life lessons, especially for parents of autistic kids. He WILL learn. We eat out all the time now and rarely have problems. I sincerely wonder if the parents of this kid simply let him kick the seat of the fan in front repeatedly, if so that irresponsible on their part and I can understand why the fan would be frustrated, you can”t get the whole story from a 20 second video.

  • Erik Denning

    I’ve worked with a lot of disabled children and I think both parties were off here.

    1. The guy getting kicked paid for his ticket, and your child’s disability shouldn’t be his problem. If you can’t
    control your kid, any kind of kid, then don’t bring them.
    2. It is never ok to call anyone retarded. He could have dealt with this so much better.
    3. Security told her they couldn’t come back in if they left, when she asked if she could take her son
    somewhere else. Just move over to one of the thousands of empty seats. “He’s bothering the man sitting
    in front of him. Let’s be considerate and sit behind an empty chair for him to kick.”
    4. What kind of four year old has their feelings hurt if they are called retarded? They know that word?

  • eddie