A Message To The “Fans” That Took A Photo With Roger Goodell Last Night. 

  • Aypuesok

    I think Roger just grabbed 3 dumb guys off the street, dressed them in Pats gear and got them into the stadium for free, gave them season tickets to their favorite team’s games (The Jets) and did the photo op to show that everything was cool with the Patriot Nation. Only a Non fan would do such a thing!!

    • Jessica Chadbourne

      👏👏👏 agreed. No fan would do this without making a disgusted face or giving ol’ Roger the bird.

  • Gabrielle Rose

    Bandwagon fans get ready to be trolled for life from true Patriots fans. Your disgusting

  • Darryl William Davis

    The salty tears in this article are delicious.

    • Rick Shaw

      Like your Momma’s vagina.

      • Darryl William Davis

        Right to the momma diss. I see the salt is spreading. Stay classy Pats fans.

        • Seth MacMannis

          Sorry bud, no tears when your a 5x super bowl champion. #worldclass

  • maureenm1

    screw Roger and the dicks with him. No true fan would do this


    Horrible fans

  • AJ Richard

    Since when did the created of Gates and hater of Patriots become a suck up?

  • j

    the fucking writing on this website is atrocious. You would think someone who fucking writes a blog for a living would actually know how to write.