ESPN Threw A Tantrum After Tom Brady Didn’t Answer A Question The Way They Wanted Him To

  • Phil Novick

    Masters of twisting words into what they want to hear. ESPN must taint the employee water because even some who appeared smart turn dumb after working there. They mustn’t watch the actual press conference before they make this crap up. Maybe they write the story ahead of time and wait for an opportunity to use it even if it’s not an exact fit? Rare press conferences? Has he been living under a rock? And then to end with the backwards slam of hoping He has probkems later in life couched in a faked hope he doesn’t is just atrocious.

  • Bruce Cory

    ESPN, is a network full of crybaby douchebags, i stopped watching those fools over a decade ago, with the NFL network, MLB network NHL network and Fox Sports and Comcast Sports, there is no reason to watch the overly PC and Constantly Whining ESPN !!

  • Douglas Schofield

    ESPN’s credibility has gone right through the floor. They have signed on as the propaganda arm for LaVar Ball. Maybe 1 story in 10 is actually about sports anymore. They spend page after page with ridiculous speculations about rankings, what if scenarios, anything but the business of reporting on the game.

    I know I’ll probably cry myself to sleep for a week knowing that ESPN is upset at Tom Brady, after they colluded with the league to get him suspended for a violation that was never proven.

  • lord help us


  • Chris Shook

    Espn is about as accurate as Tim Tebow passing the ball.

  • Rcsully

    This report is so full of lies it’s an embarrassment. Brady gives 4 conferences a week and did a call in on mnf all of last season.

  • marytg

    This is why I boycott ESPN except for live games

  • Jessica2248

    “F U ESPN” from me in Colorado!!