The Patriots Become The First NFL Team To Have Their Very Own Jet And It Looks Incredible

  • Banno David

    Yeah…other 31 owners are gonna love this! lmfao!

    • TAH

      Omg! It’s gonna be something. Lol

    • Pete

      The other 31 owner’s are trying to figure out how having your own jet is cheating…

  • spoons19

    We’ve owned the Jets for years so why not own jets?!

  • Rcsully

    The fly on the wall listening to Goodell conference call … topic #1 How many draft picks should we take for this

  • BAnnK

    Millennium Falcon #28-3

  • bob baker

    the whole team on one plane, not a good idea

  • Gerald Walsh

    Well Sean.When are the your Bruins getting their own Jets.