Can Tony Romo Please Stop Predicting Plays Before They Happen

  • Tom

    Do u not read the positive reviews on social media. Almost everyone except apparently you , love it. Stop being such a old grouch and enjoy something new

  • Michael Brenner

    Sounds like you are letting your bias against Romo shine through here.

  • Rik Taylor

    I think your insecurity in fball knowledge is showing. The other job he could have with his knowledge is as a “football broadcast color commentator.” Oh! That’s what he is. These are not movies with someone giving away conclusions ahead of scene. I love watching football with knowledgeable people calling plays correctly. It makes me compete drawing me into an entirely new, deeper level on concentration and knowledge of the game. Enjoy!

  • ontherocks

    I think it’s excellent. I enjoy seeing unique brilliance and talent whenever possible…

  • Yumpin

    I thought he was great, made the broadcast more interesting for me. I liked his lip reading segment too.