Devin McCourty Responded To Comments Made By Donald Trump

  • Frenchy 1993

    Working in the communities is a good thing, disrespecting our nation is not.

    • Troy

      Exercising one’s right is not disrespectful. A totalitarian idea, like EVERYONE MUST pledge or else IS! In America there’s a thing called freedom and if someone wants to peacefully protest by kneeling, it’s better than driving cars into people. Someone show me the law that requires everyone to pledge to anything. Please show me that law. There is one that says you don’t have to though. The president should really focus on more than starting trouble among the people and do something meaningful. It’s rediculous

      • Donald Hakala

        Its their place of employment..I would be fired if I did this in my ones saying you have to Pledge Allegiance..can they not still make their points off field? Such Drama Queens..

        • Jack Gormley

          Do they play the National Anthem everyday at your work? Just curious.

          • Donald Hakala

            No they don’t,but if they did I would stand…if I didn’t I would be you get it? I’m sure you know by now that as of 2009 the Federal Gov’t was giving the NFL a lot of money in hopes to up its military recruitment,part of the deal was that ALL players would be required to stand for the anthem..helmet in the left hand,etc so it is part of their contract to stand for the Nat’l Anthem,period..

          • Kemper Lee

            Of course they don’t,my statement was if I did not do what I agreed to in my employment contract I would be fired,all NFL contracts after 2009 stipulated that NFL players salute the flag,hold their helmets in their left hand,etc..the Federal Government paid the NFL to do this in hopes it would increase military enrollment,so this is something the players agreed to do upon signing..if there was something in my contract & I refused to do it I’d be fired,has nothing to do with how I feel about their cause,don’t tale it personally.

          • Kemper Lee

            If they did I wouldn’t kneel.

    • beth

      This President is disrespecting our nation, not the players he is calling names!

      • Dave Jacqueson

        sorry the previous administration started it by condoning the violence and it doesn’t help when certain plays lie about situations that happened for their own agendas such as Michael Bennett new book a protest to single out a few bad apples how about a protest for the children that are going hungry because the poverty level was left at an all-time low by the former president but I’m sure that doesn’t work for George Soros and the liberal media