Red Sox

Fans Protest At Fenway Park Hanging Sign On Top Of The Green Monster

  • Lucius Shabadoo

    this site gets dumber and dumber with each post. maybe some 8th-grade editing skills ir 5th grade insight. get a grammar book, read something other than shampoo bottles, and just generally improve in evry possible way. unfollowing.

    • Off The Monster


    • Douglas Virkus

      I never read shampoo bottle instructions …. I’m just wild and crazy. As for the banner …. no question its intent … it’s right down the kneeing during the anthem antics.

  • Don Morgan

    The words on the banner may be riffs on H. Rap Brown’s famous 1967 statement that “violence is as American as cherry pie.” and the phrase “as American as apple pie.” Tomasi says he is unclear whether the banner is for or against racism. I doubt many people share that quandary. As to the issue of wasting money on their message, political ads on TV cost far more.

    • Off The Monster

      A lot of people on twitter are confused. Albert Breer, Ben Volin, among many others. I’m too young for your quote but that seems to be a play on your reference. I get it, just an interesting avenue to get your message out. I guess it’s a small price to pay in the grand scheme…