Newly Acquired Celtics Guard Kyrie Irving Just Stuffed Max Kellerman Into A Body Bag

  • Paul Justice

    He knows espn is looking for drama. Kyrie leaving cleveland is nothing like durant leaving

  • Paul Justice

    He left the best player in the world to build something of his own. He could win 5 more championships with lebron but he would be remembered as the guy who rode LJs coattails instead of the superstar he is.

  • Paul Justice

    Him being quiet about it and not pointing fingers shows his maturity and honestly lebron is gone too soon. Yall mad that kyrie beat lebron to the punch?

  • Kimberly Whitehead

    I have a newfound respect for Kyrie Irving….He answered those questions as he should have….concise and without any drama. He made a choice to change employers….we all do it every single day.

  • Alan Doherty

    Adelaide Byrd had it 120 – 108 Kellerman… with a rematch to follow… so in reality it was a dominant Kyrie getting the nod…