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Richard Sherman Essentially Can’t Believe The Colts Took Brissett Over Kaepernick

  • Alan Doherty

    Sherman should worry about the Seahawks and shut his yap…

  • Justin Walker

    In the past two years Kaepernick is 3-16, completed 59% of his passes, averaged 6.7 yds per attempt, threw an interception on 1.57% of his attempts and threw a touchdown on 3.8% of his attempts. In those same two years Andrew Luck is 10-12, completed 60% of his passes, averaged 7.3 yds per attempt, threw an interception on 3.0% of his attempts (three times as many as Kaepernick), and threw a touchdown on 5.5% of his pass attempts. Those numbers are very similar, and yet you’re not suggesting that Andrew Luck should be out of a job right now. Clearly there’s more to a QB than his numbers over the past two years shows (e.g. three different head coaches / O coordinators, crappy O-line, injuries, etc.). While it is true that Kaepernick opted out of his contract it was also obvious that had he not done that he would have been cut by the team. Opting out simply allowed him to get out on the market earlier than waiting for the team to cut him.

    Many players, like Michael Bennett, are continuing to protest during the national anthem, and yet they are still employed. Do you believe that if Michael Bennett opted out of his contract that he would not find a new job because of baggage? I’m not saying that Kaepernick is a great QB or is the solution to anyone’s problems, but I am saying that he is better than many of the starting and backup QBs that are on rosters right now and he deserves a chance to prove himself.

  • Monique Borruso

    He’s a horrible QB. He can’t read defenses and although he has a strong arm, his lack of accuracy leads to incompletions and interceptions. Plus because of his disrespect, he’s a distraction to the other players trying to focus. I quit supporting my hometown team, the 49ers because it was becoming dangerous at the stadium. I sincerely hope he stays unemployed.