The Bruins Are Making A Debacle Out Of The David Pastrnak Situation As Camp Nearly Begins

  • b1galbos89

    Bottom feeder? Ok, that’s ridiculous. You make it sound like Pasta is the only good player on this team. They would have beaten Ottawa in the first round if it wasn’t for BS officiating and constant injuries to the Defensemen. I’m sure you said the same thing when they traded Seguin to Dallas. Let me remind you that they still went on to win the Presidents Trophy the following season with the NHL’s best record. Also, there’s reasons those names you mentioned aren’t here. Seguin no shows and turns into a ghost when the games matter (2013 Cup Final anyone?) Looch, as much as I loved the guy, he was inconsistent and wasn’t making the popular choices recently. And I thought people were thrilled when Kessel was traded. People are just crying because he just won 2 Cups with the Penguins. With the Cap limit and the urge to extend players, in this case, Pasta, it doesn’t seem likely at all that any of them would be on this team anyway. And yea, it’s always the team’s fault, never the player’s or the person representing him. I will say though that if the B’s truly want to keep this guy, the future of this historic franchise, they better break the bank and do what is necessary to keep this guy in Boston for good.