Why This Face Should Scare The Heck Out Of The Entire NFL

  • TamLee

    This is Aaron’s year. Sorry.

    • dsantos

      yea us patriot fans hear that every year…

    • suenjesse

      Every year they say that… and then another year goes by..hmmm

      • TamLee

        I know…and now he’s injured so there goes that. This Masshole wants ANYONE except the Patriots to win!

  • suenjesse

    Every year people panic and every year it’s over the top. Relax, Brady and Bellichick will be fine, the team needs to be broken in, that’s all.

  • Ethan Robertson

    Brady is 40 years old. Just like Peyton Manning, he can’t be a superstar forever. He will have to adjust the way Manning did. From now on it has to be a lot more than Brady. He needs a super offensive line to give him the time he needs to make plays. He needs a super defense to keep the opposite side at bay. Everyone on the team needs to be the superstar. Go Patriots!