Another Win Leads To Another Patriots Opponent Whining About The Situation They Were In

  • Aypuesok

    Derek Carr was claiming home field four days before the game and even the day before saying that he wasn’t worry about playing the Pats because they won over the Falcons the year before, and Mexico was all about the Raiders. Del Rio said that they didn’t need to prepare for the high altitude so, they practiced in Oakland which is below sea level, they landed in Mexico Saturday night and played Sunday. 5 minutes into the game and his players were signaling that they couldn’t breath and you could see their chests heaving while the Patriots were not even breaking a sweat. Gilmore got a little dehydrated but took care of it and went back on the field almost immediately after. It baffles the mind the cockiness of some people who rather look the fools afterwards than admit they need preparation or, they see it as weakness to admit their opponent might be hard to beat. GO PATS BLITZ FOR SIX!!

    • Robert Jimenez

      aypuesok love the name hahahahahah
      go pats!

      • Aypuesok

        Thank you, it was born out of frustration because every user name I picked was taken. lol

  • John Gosselin

    The Raiders logo was in the center of the field. That made you guys the home team. You got first choice on uniforms and all other home team protocol was followed. Can the Patriots help it if they are more popular and just plain much better than you guys? Well, they are and that’s just the way it is.
    Suck it up, buttercups.

    • Nest101

      So many haters

  • Dan Najera

    Kraft, Belicheat, and Brady are all Trumpsters. Why would any self-respecting Mexican support those putos? 🇲🇽

    • Tom Beaulieu

      I can’t stand Trump myself but last time I checked, football has nothing to do with politics. In fact it’s my one respite away from arguing about politics and religion the rest of the week. I don’t care that my team supports Trump. They play great football.

      • tigerfan#1

        TB12 and Kraft are too nice and decent to support what 45 stands for. I think BB probably did, but is misguided. Kraft said he is a friend, does not mean he stands for anything that 45 does. And where do you come off calling BB a cheat–that is about as ignorant as anyone can get.

    • Shaun Sterling

      As if either candidate in last election was much to be proud of decency wise. You already revealed your real reasons for post anyway which is fine, but…

    • Belle Ferrar

      Oh Danny boy, you really are just too precious aren’t you!?! L O S E R

  • Kim Kelly

    once, just once,
    would a team that loses to the Pats just realize BB is so smart and knows his players. and
    They take NO DAYS OFF to win the prize..
    Plus Brady’s work ethic that rubs off onto his team mates.
    and give them credit instead of whining about “home team” etc.
    Jeez Louise.
    Take it like men..

  • Arascain Wales

    Derek Carr should quit. He would make much more money as a model. He’s got the most beautiful eyes in the NFL.

  • Belle Ferrar

    Ironic isn’t it that when they played there last season and won it was the best experience of their lives. What a pathetic, whiny assed bunch of crybabies. STFU and act like men. smdh

    • Aypuesok

      And they only won because some people were pointing laser pens at Brock Osweiler’s face the whole time; the final score was 27-20 neck to neck even with the cheating that went on.