NFL Loses Major Sponsor Due To Player Protests

  • Rick Dextraze

    Maybe Schnatter should give up his Manning worship and provide his employees with health insurance. He was famously quoted as saying health insurance was too expensive and he could no longer afford to offer the benefit. Later he started a huge pizza giveaway campaign. Too bad he couldn’t afford to take care of his employees.

    • Debbie Smith

      Talk about convolutions the issue. One has nothing to do with the other. As a business owner it is his right to run his business they way he feels will provide for the most profit for his stockholders and himself. If he does not do that, there would be no Papa Johns, which in turn means, no jobs. Most of these jobs are meant to be part time for high school and college aged kids or those that prefer part time work for other reasons. There should not be an expectation of health insurance. Everyone has a right to choose to work thes jobs or go elsewhere for employment, which they should be doing if they are looking for benefits that include insurance…


      This article was about his business losing money as a direct result of them being sponsors of the NFL. This is exactly what the public has demanded of people in his position and he is doing the right thing.

      Time to grow up and start responding appropriately to the story at hand.

      • Rick Dextraze

        Maybe you should do your homework, since you are staying up late at night.
        Schnatter was quoted several times on this issue, as it pertained to the implementation of the ACA. Look it up and stop making excuses for large employers that want to use the government to provide benefits that most responsible employers should offer. The comment is not off topic because this could be a contributing factor to poor patronization. Check out the responses from other pizza companies who have not reported the same business downturn since the protests began, before you go shooting your mouth off.