The NFL Drops The Hammer And Suspends Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski

  • Kathleen McSweeney Vogel

    They are only concerned with “sending a message” when it’s the Patriots. I’m not ok with Gronks actions, but with so many players repeatedly getting away with injuring other players with cheap shots repeatedly this seems a little disingenuous on the leagues part.

    • Exibar

      baloney! even Belichick called the late hit unacceptable…. Gronk’s lucky he’s only out for one game, he should be out the season for that hit….

      • Josh Eaton

        Out for the season? You must be mad. How many times have VB or Suh put dirty hits on people and gotten no suspension? Talib and Crabtree both got one game suspension after openly swinging fists 2 seasons in a row, but Gronk should be suspended for the season? You must really be jealous of the Pats. LOL

      • Nathan Porter

        A whole season? Lawl. You sir are a moron. Worse is done every sunday by other team’s and not even a fine.

      • Dana Dennett

        The season? LMFAO Hater

      • Kathleen McSweeney Vogel

        I didn’t say the move was OK, it was totally out of bounds, it’s the reaction from dumbass fans because it’s the Patriots and the league follows along that is crap.

  • Yumpin

    I hate to say it but Gronk should just take the suspension and miss the Miami game, if he delays it he may end up missing the Steelers game which is more important. They can beat Miami without Gronk but they’ll need all their firepower for the Steelers.