Tre’Davious White Says “The Whole Hood” is Out to Get Rob Gronkowski

  • Rubydo

    Well lets see if the REFS ARE PAYING ATTENTION. These sound like premeditated assault threats

    • Keith T

      No shock from a bunch of thugs

      • Kevin Blouin


    • Larry Donadio

      And I believe there is a rule against Bounty Hunting. Lets see if they enforce it

      • wtf

        They won’t because it is the Patriots.

  • heteroxalstalker

    This is the type of things losers say. He can’t win at football so he wants to win at trash talking. Which is what we expect from trash.

  • Larry Donadio

    Hard to take this seriously when you do not even have BASIC command of the English language, Without it how can you come to the mike and make a fool of yourself ! But I agree it was a dirty hit made out of frustration after time and again of being held and interfered with,and no penalty being called . POOR CHOICE OF ACTION

  • Ladyd712

    Well thank you for telling everyone that that the Bills intend to deliberately injure another player. Let’s see what actions the league plans to take to prevent this from happening. Maybe if White was good at his job he would have been able to cover Gronk without cheating, yes it is still cheating if the refs refuse to make a blatant call, then Gronk wouldn’t have made such a i

  • wtf

    This is where our great leadership in the NFL (HA HA HA) need to step it up and issue warnings to the Bills and their fans that if anything happens physically to Gronk outside of the legal field of play, then there will be repercussions. Of course the clown they pay millions of dollars too and call him a leader will not say a word and will have his eyes closed. He does not care about the Patriots at all, something he has proven to be true. Hope the NFLPA steps in at least!

  • S smoeky

    Guess what Tre’Davious, the hood has had dem hands all over him all season,but nothing is called. BTW, your name is ridiculous.

  • Goodtogo55


  • Bobby Scott

    First off everyone agrees that a one day suspension is ridiculous. He should get at least 3 games and a fine. That is why everyone in Buffalo wants Rob. The blame is on Rob, but also the NFL. This type of behavior should never be accepted in any sport. The NFL failed in this matter.

  • John

    Well Tre’ I hope that out of the whole hood youl be the one so Gronk can spike you like a football.