A Bunch Of Eagles Players Are Falling Ill and Everyone Is Blaming The Patriots

  • Bad News

    Well, they won’t have too far to fall if they pass out. They’re already on their knees. Hope the superbowl sucks worse than ever. Screw the nfl. I started watching rugby when the nfl players started all their sheeple crap and it’s so much better.

    • Lisa Anne Harkins

      Lol you sure that you aren’t confusing football players with the majority of the politicians these days, there bub?

  • Lisa Anne Harkins

    Ahhh Mr Tomasi…. did you actually read OTHER articles about what at least one player said.. “that it’s a cold”? I’m gathering not. I’m also gathering sir, that you SEEM to be aware that getting the flu shot is NOT 100% guarantee that you won’t get the flu cause the shot doesn’t cover all variations of the flu running about? No? Now who looks like a dunce, sir?

    • Alan R Brodd


  • Codygunn

    To H with these idiots!!

  • rpitera

    See, this is what Trump was actually worried about when he talked about Ill Eagles in the SOTU. He’s just a fan!

  • Bruinman86

    It’s amazing how paranoid players and fans are. I would call it Patriots Derangement Syndrome.