Malcolm Butler Releases Statement Following The Allegations Of His Antics Prior To Super Bowl 52

  • Maria DeRosa

    I think benching Butler cost us the SB. He’s the best tackler and intercepter. He should have been on the field. Bad decision, Bill.

    • Mandy Webb

      I agree with you, something is definitely off about this, but I do believe if butler had played we would probably be champs… just saying.

  • bostonbanger

    Oh yeah…he was benched and given no reason? Protecting market value for sure

    • Off The Monster

      No you nitwit, saying he did nothing wrong to not hurt his impending free agency. If bill won’t say crap, why would he

      • bostonbanger

        Not hurt his impending is the same as protect market value … and I’m the “nit wit “?

        • JF

          I guess this makes me a nitwit too as I am not seeing how this response is not an attempt to protect market value.

          I like Butler very much and was sad not to see him in the game.

          Sadness all around.. 🙁