The Detroit Lions Named Matt Patricia Head Coach, The Response By Fans Went Exactly How You’d Expect

  • James Bradley

    Yards per game is an important stat, if you cant move down the field you cant score, but scoring defense is perhaps biggest stat….NE was #1 in 2016 & #5 in 2017. During the 13-1 streak that carried them to Super Bowl 52, only 3 times in 14 games did an opponent reach 20 points (NE was 2-1 in those games, including wins over JAX & PGH). Only 5 times did an opponent even teach 17 points. That is good defense.

    No, they appeared flat & unprepared vs PHI, maybe underestimating former Pro Bowler Nick Foles and his 5-1 record as starter, if so shame on Bill Belichek. Patricia turned this defense around, a good coach