The Story Coming Out About Malcolm Butler Is Pretty Wild

  • Rubydo

    Then he deserved no tto play. THE END.

  • thinkB4UType

    Butler is not a kid. Bill is not his daddy. This was a serious game and he should have played and done his job. Period. Fine him. Play him.

    • 420ManOWar

      Obvious you do not understand the strict policies these players earning thousands must abide by makes you look stupid

    • FatManChew

      Or like any other adult jobs if you screw up and yell at your bosses when you screwed up you should have been fired and since they couldn’t fire him they benched him.

      • thinkB4UType

        Except, of course, it seems that also did not happen. Just Bill, being Bill.

      • thinkB4UType

        And had it, it would make Bill and idiot. Grind a key player and take an L for your ego?

  • Pete

    Other NFL coaches should have the discipline that Bill Belechik has, and the guts to enforce his rules, otherwise you get players kneeling, flipping off the public, grandstanding after successful plays, and abusing the rules set down by the coaches and staff. Belechik doesn’t put up with Prima Donas like T.O., Dion “Showtime” Sanders, and Odell Beckham, Jr. BTW, his discipline has gotten him to mre Superbowls than any other NFL coach. Case rested!