Updated: Tom Brady’s Record Against Every Single NFL Team Is Absolutely Mind Blowing

  • James Finlay

    Except for one season when he had Wes Welker and Randy Moss, Tom Brady has never had over the top receivers. Brady then missed what would have been the second season of Welker and Moss when he was injured. The next season, Moss only made it part of the way before getting cut.

    Peyton Manning had 13 years of Marvin Harrison and 14 years of Reggie Wayne and both were 1,000 yard receivers for most of the time.

    Make all the arguments you want about how great Rob Gronkowksi is, and he is great, but the fact is he almost never plays a full season as he is always hurt.

    Basically, Brady did a lot with much less in the way of receivers.

  • G. U. R. U.

    He is not undefeated against Sacksonville

  • Matt

    He’s really good, and probably the GOAT, but that 1-3 record against Payton Manning in the AFC Championship Game (the highest pressure game in which the two could play each other) is always going to be the one mark against him.