Updated: Tom Brady’s Record Against Every Single NFL Team Is Absolutely Mind Blowing

  • James Finlay

    Except for one season when he had Wes Welker and Randy Moss, Tom Brady has never had over the top receivers. Brady then missed what would have been the second season of Welker and Moss when he was injured. The next season, Moss only made it part of the way before getting cut.

    Peyton Manning had 13 years of Marvin Harrison and 14 years of Reggie Wayne and both were 1,000 yard receivers for most of the time.

    Make all the arguments you want about how great Rob Gronkowksi is, and he is great, but the fact is he almost never plays a full season as he is always hurt.

    Basically, Brady did a lot with much less in the way of receivers.

    • corners

      everybody keeps saying this. Yet brady keeps getting nice wrs to depend on. Welker. Cooks.Edelman.Gronk. Hernandez. Amendola. Gordon. Hogan was great last year. Just because all these guys didnt play 14 straight seasons doesnt take away from their talent when playing on the pats, who spread the ball around.

      Its more the pats method than brady never had any good wrs. Pats dont want to pay a wr close to qb money.Its why they get shuffled in and out so much.

      • Donald J. Trump

        Why are you bunching up all of those wide receivers as if they all played together???

        What did Peyton do vs the Seahawks with that GREAT receiving core he had in Denver?

        Don’t you wonder what would’ve happened if Brady had the opportunity to play with Manning’s toys?

        • Jc Lewis

          I do wonder how many rings Peyton would have with the greatest coach in history calling shots. Brady had a WR win Superbowl MVP so. Peyton had better offensive teams Brady Always had better Defense to compliment. Denver was the the only time Peyton had better Defense.

          • Donald J. Trump

            Well…not exactly.
            Peyton’s best defenses pre 2015 Broncos :

            Colts 2002 :
            7th scoring, 8th in yards, LOST in WC round.

            Colts 2005 :
            2nd scoring,11th in yards, LOST division round.

            Colts 2007 :
            1st scoring, 3rd in yards LOST in division round.

            Colts 2008 :
            7th scoring, 11th in yards, LOST in WC round.

            Broncos 2012 :
            4th scoringt, 2nd in yards, LOST division round.

            Broncos 2014 :
            16th scoring,3rd in yards, LOST in division round.

            “Peyton not having a defense” is not entirely true. As you can see, he even got to have a number one defense, way before getting to the Broncos. Even during his first Super Bowl run, his defense carried him by overcoming his 2 tds and 7 ints throughout the playoffs.

            Great regular season QB, but for some reason, he would shrink on the biggest stage.
            He had pedestrian to horrible numbers, besides never even having a signature moment at the Super Bowl, regardless of wins and losses.

  • G. U. R. U.

    He is not undefeated against Sacksonville

    • JBL aint do nuffin

      Imagine saying Sacksonville unironically, flamer

      • G Ingelido

        Okay, here you most definitely have a point. What happened to Jacksonville its like I’m watching them from 6 years ago all over again now lol.

  • Matt

    He’s really good, and probably the GOAT, but that 1-3 record against Payton Manning in the AFC Championship Game (the highest pressure game in which the two could play each other) is always going to be the one mark against him.

    • JBL aint do nuffin

      Not really, junior. It took the Colts literally crying to the league to have the rules changed on offense and brady’s top WR to be reche caldwell for him to finally get passed Brady in Indy. And those Denver losses had nothing to do with Peyton.

      • G Ingelido

        The 2013-14 AFC Championship game was goddamn lead by Peyton Manning. He tore up the Pats defense. Watch Highlights. Consider giving some credit, maybe? And the only reason Manning rarely won against the Patriots in Indianapolis was because Indy is not a well-run organization with consistency issues and the fact that they haven’t had a roster with more than 4-5 elite players on it since they were in Baltimore……Pats have a great organization and have had consistently great offensive rosters. Manning has the advantage in post season anyway tho. Plus, Manning has the yards and pass TD advantage on Brady in those Brady vs. Manning match-ups.

        • Donald J. Trump

          The Broncos won that game in Denver BY 10 POINTS vs a Pats team that got there LIMPING.
          Just like this year, they were mostly running the ball, due to the lack of good healthy receivers.
          The only 2 healthy starting receivers Brady had was 2 midgets :
          Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

          Go, find out the names of the rest of the wide receiving core. You WON’T know who they are.

          How did Peyton YOUR “GOAT” do vs the Seahawks again?

          • b1galbos89

            The final might of been 26-16, but the score did not tell the story of how dominant the Broncos were in that game. It was 26-3 midway through the 4th quarter. Pats scored 2 garbage time TD’s when the game was well over with. The Broncos were the much better team that day. Quit crying about it, and also quit ruining this country Mr. ”President”.

      • corners

        you know it was brady and manning that had the rules changes in 2006?

        • Donald J. Trump

          What are you talking about, child?

          When facing the Patriots in the playoffs in 2003, Manning and the Colts suffered a brutal defeat. New England played a physical game and outmuscled the Colts. They beat up on Manning’s receivers and made them pay for every catch. But they didn’t break any rules.

          What did the Colts do? They complained vehemently about the Patriots’ physical play, and their President Bill Polian helped institute a new rule—illegal contact.

          Since then, the Colts were free to run their timing patterns without fear of interruption and so can any other team. But, if Polian was really concerned about fair competition, he would have taken action sooner.  It took his team losing this kind of game to motivate him.

          Polian is on the NFL’s competition committee and as such is in a position to help change the league’s rules.

          If there’s someone to blame for making the league “soft”, that would be PEYTON MANNING and the Colts.

          So, haters need inform themselves better, and to stop whining about Brady, already.

    • corners

      im curious, where were those afc championship games played? Were they always in ne?

      • b1galbos89

        What difference does it make where the games were played? 1-3 is 1-3. Pats blew an 18 point lead in the 2007 AFC Title Game. They were good on the road those years. Where they played is no excuse.

  • G Ingelido

    He is not the GOAT for the last goddamn freaking time. Peyton Manning beats Brady is most QB statistics that actually matter individually for the QB; in other words, not winning stats. Winning is a franchise/team effort, not something only drawn back to the QB, so stop using this statistic along with the 5 rings stat, as impressive as it is. Manning beats him in passing yards, regular season TD passes, most TD passes in one regular season, and highest pass completion percentage rate of all time. And for you simpleton win statistic fanatics, as soon as he escaped a poorly-run Indianapolis Colts franchise (genuinely sorry Colts fans, Jim Irsay though is not exactly a top notch owner/businessman and is a druggy), Manning went to 2 superbowls in just four seasons and hoisted a Lombardi trophy. He frankly easily could have in his first season with Denver as well if it weren’t for a major Rahim Moore mistake on a hail mary that the Broncos’ D had not let happen all year.

    And Manning aint the best QB of all time either. I won’t ever argue that. Im just saying Brady gets extra statistics thrown in his favor that the media romanticize that make him sound like the GOAT when he just really is not. Northeast. Coast. Bias.

    Best of all time in my opinion? I tie these two: John Elway and Joe Montana. Want to see pure decision making, athletic ability, and amazingly accurate and strong arm talent? Watch these guys. They played in an era where it was not as easy as it was for Brady or Manning to put up 50-55 TDs per season. Throw their old selves in today’s game, Manning and Brady will look average.

    Look up Montana and Elway QB statistics for my reasoning. Impressive for back then and more than proves my case.

    • corners

      ” Want to see pure decision making, athletic ability, and amazingly accurate and strong arm talent?”

      You might want to put marino in there if its about passing. The dude was passing for 4000 yards and 40 tds in the 80’s,before all the rule changes in the 2000’s helping qbs stay alive.

    • Justin

      “Manning went to 2 superbowls in just four seasons and hoisted a Lombardi trophy”

      Why is this impressive when Brady basically has the same super bowl appearance rate but over 17 completed seasons. The rest of your Manning reasoning is classically flawed as well – always blaming other like Rahim Moore for losses but then taking all the credit for a SB victory in which Manning was a lucky bystander completely dragged along by a historically great defense. Also, all of your “QB stats that actually matter” were padded by playing in a dome for most of his career so you need to GTFO with all of your folksy biases.