The NFL Just Got a Dose of Bad News: Brady Will Be Fighting This Thing To Kingdom Come

  • Jace Curioso

    Say, whatever happened to the ‘in-depth, detailed, hard-hitting, no-holds-barred NFL committee looking into the HGH dropped off on Peyton Manning’s doorstep? Did I miss something somewhere?

    • Snake Plissken

      He retired.

      • mary Barrile-Poponak

        No excuse except Daddy paid some one so little Peyton could go out a super Bowl winner What a joke they and the nfl are. Everyone can see it ,but when fuck head Goodell loves you ,you can do anything.

      • Jace Curioso

        Manning was taking receipt of the drugs while an active player. His drug use had a positive effect on the Bronco’s winning the SB. At the least the Denver organization should be fined a minimum of $1,000,000 dollars and lose several first round picks. Retired or not, Manning used those drugs while an active Denver Bronco and the organization should be held accountable.

  • Sean Lynch

    I’m just happy Brady ain’t taking that shit without a fight. He didn’t do anything wrong and he obviously knows that in his heart!As most people will concede, there is little proof that anything illegal took place and much less with Brady pulling the strings. The whole thing is really ludacris, right from the gate the NFL fumbled! If the league tested all of the balls for both teams and there was a drastic difference, maybe we’re having a different discussion right now. Really? Your gonna test 4 of the Colts footballs(opposed to all of the Patriots) and when 3 of them fail to meet the standard psi level you still ignore the ideal gas laws and forfeit the opportunity to test the other 8 balls? Why would the NFL leak false information to the public?, other than trying to hurt Brady and the Patriots while bolstering support from fans and other teams in order to put pressure on the Pats to accept whatever criminal Goodell wanted them too. Anyways Goodell lost all my respect when he continuously lied and when he was caught and called out straight denied it. Good for Brady….not letting that over paid, idiotic, coward walk all over him! Why should anyone in the world, with an unblemished record, who’s never had any complaints let alone anything verified or proven against him, accept unfair, unprecedented punishment for something they didn’t do, especially with much more flagrant cheating actually happening, from stickum to blatant use of sideline heaters and rampant p.e.d use! The NFL’S home cooked, crooked ass investigation had a predetermined outcome from jump, so yes I think Brady should take it to the hoop. The only integrity questions I have are if the NFL knows the meaning of the word. Goodell has done zero good for this league, other than maybe give the world the impression that woman beaters are held in a higher regard than someone who may/or may not be generally aware that some air has escaped a football. Gtfoh! $44 million for this moron. The reality is the commissioner can concoct any farce that tickles his fancy and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Take that bull shit cba and article 46 and shove it. Roger resign and go find some integrity!

  • Johnny Wishbon

    Once suspended he can’t be on site for the 4 weeks he is suspended. The article is wrong.

  • Lynn Farkas

    Pretty sad when a seventh grader who does a science project can prove that is was air pressure and altitude that deflated the footballs, and that all the experts in this debacle never figured it out. Plus the report said Brady probably knew about under inflated footballs…How can a large organization put such a severe penalty based on the conclusion He Probably knew? How about all those football players that get off with no penalties for really serious shit, domestic violence, assault and battery, and my favorite one “accidentally” getting the drug GHB delivered to their door step…What a joke Brady and the Patriots get all this punishment for what? The probability of under inflated footballs…punishment given by a man with an over inflated ego…Mr. Goodell this is you.