For All The People Hating on The Patriots For Being Cheaters, Some Facts For You

  • James W McCarthy

    I completely agree.
    It won’t matter though.
    The imbeciles won’t shut up

  • Steven Vincent

    The Raiders got the benefit in the tuck rule play. Woodson swung at the ball, missed, and clocked Brady on the side of the head with a right cross. The Pats should have gotten 15 yards and a first down out of the play. Brady didnt drop the ball until Woodson’s punch to the head landed. Instead the Patriots had to play from there with 1 less down.

  • Steven Vincent

    This past year Harbaugh used the exact same play multiple times that he ran crying to the nfl about that the Pat’s used last year. He used a player with a different number to get around the rule change that he had the nfl make to get him to stop crying. He used the same formation with the same intent which provided the same result. The play makes the left end look like a tackle so the end does not get covered. That is exactly what happened when Harbaugh used it. Harbaugh also said something to the affect that any play that gets you yardage is a good play when he was asked about it. Harbaugh is a whining crying sleazebag.

  • Joe

    No…..we won’t Shut up…… sound like those idiot conspiracy theorists