Belichick Telling Former Colts TE Dwayne Allen Who Struggled With Drops “This Isn’t Indy” Pumps Me Up

  • Rubydo

    BB expects excellence in NE and so does NE.

  • Randy

    Damn straight it’s not Indy. Indy don’t feel like they have to cheat to win a Superbowl like those douchebags in New England!

    • Jeff

      You can count all the way up to one for the number of superbowls in INDY.

    • Peter Kobzik

      Oooooohhh look another one. Would you like some cheese with your wwiiiiiiinnnnnne. If you want to call them douchebag PLEASE say it 5 times.

    • John

      Kind of like pumping in crowd noise ? Haha !!

    • John

      ‘doesn’t’ Go repeat the 4th grade.

    • Clown Car

      Colts = 7x PEDs violations since 2012. Pumped in noise during playoff games, caught multiple times for it. Played the deflategate game with… you guessed it, underinflated balls.

  • PatriotBMac Colts Jer. 29:11

    Hey BB, all those drops are why Indy let him go to you. You were fleeced this time.