Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders – Food Options

Nestled in the heart of Paradise, Nevada, and located less than a mile away from the infamous Las Vegas Boulevard, Allegiant Stadium- home of the Las Vegas Raiders- is an area filled with a wide range of food choices to cater to any number of tastes.

Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas Raiders - Food Options

This well-known stadium can host up to 65,000 fans and has held various events, from Raiders and UNLV football games to music concerts. 

The stadium has something of a hometown food vibe thanks to offering food from local chefs and restaurateurs, with around 30 local businesses having their food included within the stadium.

Whether it is local delicacies or cuisine inspired by other parts of the world, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes both in and around Allegiant Stadium. 

Concessions At Allegiant Stadium

There is an array of tastes to be found throughout the concessions at the Allegiant Stadium. If it is a barbecue feast you want, check out BBQ Mexicana in sections 122 and 314 of the stadium.

BBQ Mexicana offers a range of Mexican-themed barbecue treats, such as BBQ-dusted pork skins- served with barbecue sauce, coleslaw, Mexican cheese, and crispy potatoes-, smoked brisket burritos, and avocado chicken burritos.

 If it is a taste of the East that you are craving, you can head to Graffiti Bao in section 128, which offers Asian-inspired takes on western dishes, such as their signature bao buns and bao dogs.

They also offer traditional Chinese dishes, such as Szechuan beef. 

Hop over to Japan after visiting China with Fukuburger, which serves up burgers inspired by Japanese cuisine, in section 128. 

For classical American comfort food, Guy Fieri’s Tailgate Kitchen and Bar serve up some indulgent cuisine, such as pulled pork sandwiches and macaroni-and-cheese burgers.

These are just a few of the food possibilities that can be found throughout Allegiant Stadium, with other options including sushi, nachos, pizza, chicken, and more.  

Classic Food At Allegiant Stadium

You can’t talk about food at the Allegiant Stadium without mentioning some classic Las Vegas cuisine.

Whilst Vegas doesn’t have one official food item per se, one of the most noteworthy foods that has to be mentioned is the shrimp cocktail.

This appetizer is well known throughout Nevada and has been used for weddings, events catering, and conventions throughout Las Vegas.

For a taste of this classic dish at Allegiant Stadium, head over to the Boulevard Bar in section 324 where you can not only grab yourself some an Old School Vegas Shrimp Cocktail, but also some deep-fried lobster tail if you are craving a different kind of seafood. 

Another popular food of choice in the Vegas area is the classical hamburger and there are plenty of places where you can indulge in one in Allegiant Stadium, such as Boom Town Burger in section 312, Holsteins in section 106, Battle Born in section 338, and the aforementioned Fukuburger- in section 128-, Guy Fieri’s Bar and Grill- in section 243-, and Boulevard Bar, which can be found in section 324. 

Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas Raiders - Food Options

Restaurants Near Allegiant Stadium

If you feel like venturing out of the stadium and into the nearby areas to get some food, there are plenty of excellent restaurants as well.

Many of these restaurants are a short journey from the stadium itself, and there are plenty of choices for you to take your pick from.

A lot of these establishments can be found on Las Vegas Boulevard, a 15-minute walk from Allegiant Stadium. 

If you are hungering for some high-end steak dining, the Stripsteak restaurant could be just what you are looking for.

For something more exotic, the Kumi Japanese Restaurant and Bar offers Japanese fusion food with vegetarian and vegan options.

No matter what your choice, you are sure to find a restaurant that caters to your needs in the local area. 

Make sure to check the availability of the restaurant that you choose before you make a decision.

Either check online or give them a call to make your reservation, but remember to do so a little earlier than usual if you are going to the stadium for an event- such as a Raiders game- as the area is sure to be busy.

How Much Does Food Cost At Allegiant Stadium?

This will vary from establishment to establishment, but Allegiant Stadium does offer a stadium menu with classics such as pretzels, hot dogs, small sodas, popcorn, regular nachos, and peanuts for $3. 

Can You Bring Food Into Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium does not allow any outside food or beverages of any kind.

What Restaurants Are Inside Allegiant Stadium?

There are a range of restaurants located inside the stadium itself, some of which we have mentioned above.

Here are just a few of the excellent restaurants in Allegiant Stadium and what areas you can find them in:

  • Rollin’ Smoke BBQ: Section 124
  • Holstein’s Shakes and Buns: Section 106
  • Fukuburger: Section 128
  • Pizza Rock: Section 346, Twitch Lounge, and The Modelo Cantina Club
  • Capriotti’s: Section 219
  • Tastes of the Nation: Section 141
  • BBQ Mexicana: Sections 112 and 314
  • Evel Pie: Section 315
  • P2 Pizza: Section 118, 140, 206, 230 and 308
  • Guy Fieri Bar and Grill: Section 243
  • Boom Town Burger: Section 312

How Much Does Beer Cost At Allegiant Stadium?

Much like the food, the beer and alcohol at Allegiant Stadium will vary in cost from area to area. Cocktails and wines are a little more expensive than beers, though. 

What Kind of Alcohol Is Available At Allegiant Stadium?

There are over 25 beer brews across the stadium, as well as cocktails and wines to be had in the bars and restaurants. 

Can Kosher Food Be Requested At Allegiant Stadium?

According to the official website for the stadium, you can request Kosher food 72 hours before your event. You can do this by emailing

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