Allegiant Stadium – Paradise, Nevada (Home Of The Las Vegas Raiders)

Allegiant Stadium is a well-known one in the United States, home to the Las Vegas Raiders and playing host to various sports events, including both the Vegas Kickoff Classic and the Las Vegas Bowl.

Allegiant Stadium - Paradise, Nevada (Home Of The Las Vegas Raiders)

The stadium is set to host one of the most famous sports events in America- the Super Bowl – in 2024.

The stadium began construction on November 13th, 2017, and opened in July 2020 after receiving its certificate of occupancy.

It is currently the second most expensive stadium in the entire world, having taken $1.9 billion dollars to construct. 

How Many Seats Are In Allegiant Stadium?

Allegiant Stadium features around 65,000 seats within a climate-controlled and fully enclosed environment. These seats include 6,000 club seats and 70 premium seats. 

How To Get To Allegiant Stadium?

Located in Paradise- Nevada- which is adjacent to the renowned Las Vegas strip, Allegiant Stadium can be found west of Interstate 15 and 62 acres of land west of Mandalay Bay, which is at Hacienda Avenue and Russel Road located between Dean Martin Drive and Polaris Avenue.

It is also relatively close to the Tropicana Avenue exit. 

The stadium is conveniently located less than three miles from the McCarran International Airport, as well as within the proximity of a wide range of hotels in Las Vegas.

To make transportation even handier, the stadium also provides various drop-off and pick-up points, all of which are within walking distance of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Harry Reid International Airport is also only four miles from the Allegiant Stadium, with ride-shares and various forms of public transportation being available between the two. 

The RTC Deuce bus service travels from the Las Vegas Strip toward Allegiant Stadium every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

The bus travels along Las Vegas Boulevard and visits 57 stops. The closest stop to the Allegiant Stadium is a stop near Hacienda Bridge, found at Mandalay Bay.

You can purchase bus passes on the RTC app and a 24-hour pass will allow you to ride the bus to the stadium and back as well as to anywhere else you might want to go on the Strip.

It is also relatively well priced, costing $8 for the 24-hour pass.

The RTC of Southern Nevada also operates a certain service on the day of Las Vegas Raiders games known as the Game Day Express.

This bus offers direct and express transit routes that can be found throughout the Las Vegas Valley and will take the user directly to Allegiant Stadium.

These routes are as follows:

  • The West Henderson Game Day Express: Route 612: M Resort Spa Casino. Address: 12300 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Henderson 8900.
  • The East Side Game Day Express: Route 609: Boulder Station Hotel and Casino. Address: 4111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121.
  • The Centennial Hills Game Day Express: Route 607: Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino. Address: 4949 N. Rancho Drive., Las Vegas, NV 89130.
  • The Green Valley Game Day Express: Route 606:Green Valley Ranch Resort Casino and Spa. Address: 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway, Henderson 89052.
  • The Summerlin Game Day Express: Route 605:Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa. Address: 11011 W. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Have a read of our handy tips and advice when it comes to traveling to Allegiant Stadium:

Allegiant Stadium - Paradise, Nevada (Home Of The Las Vegas Raiders)
  • There is a dedicated area just west of the stadium- near Procyon and Diablo- for shuttles, taxis, and general drop-offs and pick-ups. This is for both before and after the games or performances at the stadium.
  • There are two east rideshare lots available which can be accessed via Uber, taxis, or any other ride-share options. If you choose to use these, there are marked walking paths to the stadium that can be seen when you arrive at the ride-share lot. 
  • If you’re driving, allow for plenty of time to get to Allegiant Stadium. A large event such as a football game can cause the streets to be converted to a one-way system, so make sure to check this beforehand.
  • When it comes to the best way to access the stadium in general, it is easiest to get there from Las Vegas Boulevard via the Hacienda Bridge. It can get a little hectic in this area during events if you are driving, as Hacienda Bridge will usually be closed to automobile traffic. This does make it much easier if you are traveling on foot from this area to the stadium, though, as you will be able to walk safely across the bridge without the fear of busy traffic. 

Where To Park Near Allegiant Stadium?

There are a wide range of parking options available close to Allegiant Stadium, with lots close to all the major gates.

There is a parking map available on the Allegiant Stadium official website, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to finding locations. 

In terms of rates, there are standard parking rates to be had during games for the Las Vegas Raiders, though these are subject to change and can differ from event to event.

There is also limited free parking to be had on non-event days. 

Allegiant Stadium Frequently Asked Questions

How Accessible Is Allegiant Stadium To Those With Disabilities?

The Allegiant Stadium strives to make its venue as accessible as possible to those with varying disabilities.

This includes offering assistive listening devices, wheelchair escort services, allowing service animals in the stadium, offering both sensory kits and sensory nooks for guests, and more.

For more information on what services are offered by Allegiant Stadium, you can email them directly at

Can I Bring Any Food Or Drink Into The Allegiant Stadium?

You cannot currently bring any outside food or drinks into the stadium. This applies to all food products and any cans, bottles, or hard-sided beverage containers.

Security screenings when you first enter the stadium will be conducted to ensure that you do not have any of these prohibited items on your person. 

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