Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs – Food Options

This 76,000-seater stadium is home to the Kansas City Chiefs football team. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the oldest in the NFL, standing the test of time for the team, their fans, and the city.

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs - Food Options

But a trip to Arrowhead Stadium is not complete without sampling some of their delicious food.

Whether you want a pre-game meal, a snack for the game, or a tasty treat to take home with you, the stadium has many options to choose from.

Here, you can find out all you need to know about the food and drink available at Arrowhead Stadium.

Food At Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium has a great selection of food, both inside the stadium and in their parking lots to cater to tailgaters.

Outside the stadium, you can grab some delicious BBQ food from the Arrowhead Stadium Parking lot to enjoy while you tailgate.

Inside the stadium, you can find classic game day snacks, like popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos.

For something more substantial, the stadium also offers mac and cheese, pizza, and fried chicken, or you can opt for something more elevated on suite level if you have a premium ticket.

Of course, all of these appetizing dishes can be washed down with an ice-cold beer or a refreshing soft drink from one of the many bars.

A unique fact about Arrowhead Stadium is that they also serve a special dish on game days!

The one-of-a-kind dish always pays homage to the opposing team that represents their city.

For example, when the Green Bay Packer played the Chiefs in 2021, the stadium served a Wisconsin Cheddar Dog – a hot dog filled with cheddar cheese!

Concessions At Arrowhead Stadium

There are plenty of concession stands to choose from at the Arrowhead Stadium that serve up delicious food to cure those hunger pangs before the big game.

For your classic, movie theater-style snack you can visit Kingdom Classics.

This self check-out technology keeps the line moving and wait times to a minimum, so you can grab yourself some popcorn or a cold beer in no time.

For a more filling meal, you can head to one of Arrowhead Stadium’s food stalls.

Some highlights include The Mac Shack, John Dough Pizza Co., Peace, Love & Waffles, and The Coop, serving up everything from delicious mac and cheese to tasty chicken waffles.

Classic Food At Arrowhead Stadium

When visiting Arrowhead Stadium, you should try some of the best food it has to offer. Here are some of the most popular recommendations.

The Coop Chicken Tenders And Fries

Head over to The Coop to try their take on the American classic, chicken tenders with fries. Their chicken tenders are made fresh every day and cooked in tempura batter topped with a panko crust.

You get a big portion of mouthwateringly crisp chicken along with some fries to top it all off. To give this dish a try, head to section 112 or 126.

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City Chiefs - Food Options

The Mac Shack Burnt Ends Mac And Cheese

Everyone loves mac and cheese, and The Mac Shack has elevated it to the next level.

This creamy dish is made with heavenly cheese sauce and topped with a generous amount of burnt ends.

It’s finished with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and fried onions, making for an absolute taste sensation. The Mac Shack can be found in sections 117 and 104.

Top Taco Korean BBQ Over The Top Nachos

Absolutely packed with Asian-fusion flavors and so big it comes served in a pizza box, Top Taco Korean BBQ Over The Top Nachos is the perfect sharer for you and your party.

Deliciously messy and full of ingredients, these nachos are definitely “over the top”! Grab a box in sections 103 and 113.

Restaurants Near Arrowhead Stadium

For those wanting to explore what food Kansas City has to offer, or those planning on tailgating a Chiefs game, there are some fantastic restaurants near Arrowhead Stadium. Here are some of the best you can visit.

Score Sports Bar & Grill

For a sporty atmosphere to get you hyped up for the coming game, head over to Score Sports Bar & Grill.

Watch some pre-game commentary on one of their 17 televisions while you eat some great food and drink some ice-cold beer.

Dixons Famous Chili

Since 1919, Dixons Famous Chili has been serving up its signature dish to hungry patrons.

Complete with an all-you-can-eat taco bar and a selection of tasty Mexican dishes, you can have your fill before heading over to Arrowhead Stadium.

Back Porch Bar-B-Q

The owners of Back Porch Bar-B-Q started with a simple idea – great food with a homely vibe! For food reminiscent of summer days around the fire pit that you can eat in-house or take away, visit this local gem.

How Much Does Food Cost At Arrowhead Stadium?

Depending on the popularity of the event, food prices may vary. Each stall is priced differently, but on average you will pay around $6 for a hot dog.

Can You Bring Food Into The Arrowhead Stadium?

Outside food and drink are prohibited at Arrowhead Stadium unless you are tailgating in the parking lot. However, you are allowed to bring a 20 oz sealed bottle of water into the stadium.

What Restaurants Are Inside The Arrowhead Stadium?

Besides the stadium’s concession stands, Arrowhead Stadium offers all-inclusive food and beverages to premium ticket holders in their lounges and suites.

These include the Kingdom Club, Foolish Lounge, Bud Light Locker Room Club, Penthouse, CommunityAmerica Club, Founder’s Club, Chairman’s Club, and Champions Club.

How Much Does A Beer Cost At Arrowhead Stadium?

Prices may vary depending on the popularity of the event in the stadium, but on average you will pay around $9 for a beer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Suit Cost At Arrowhead Stadium?

Suite rentals at the stadium range between $15,000 and $30,000, depending on the popularity and day of the event.

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