AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys – Food Options

If you’re going to a Dallas Cowboys game at their home stadium, make sure to turn up with an empty stomach. Texas is known for being one of the best states for food in the country, and everything is Texas sized in Texas.

AT&T Stadium - Dallas Cowboys - Food Options

At AT&T Stadium, you will find some of the best and most delicious food in the state. 

AT&T stadium is located in Arlington, and it is home of the Dallas Cowboys. It first opened in 2009, and it has a retractable roof.

This is amazing for those warm Texas evenings, and even better with a cold beer. So, without further ado, let’s find out about all the food options in the AT&T Stadium. 

Food At The AT&T Stadium

Texas is known for its great food, and this stadium is absolutely no exception. The menus in this stadium are fan favorites, and they are continuously being updated.

At the AT&T Stadium, you can get almost anything that you would usually eat at a game. This includes burgers, hot dogs, pizza, wings, and even more.

There are traditional Mexican sandwiches, refried beans, chicken sandwiches, and even an ice cream fountain. Let’s look at some food concession stands found in the stadium!

Concessions At AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is full of food gems, hidden or not. In the main clubs, you will find regular and recurring food concessions.

You will find these at the main club, the tailgate grill, and the cars. In terms of the main club concession, you will find this in the following areas: M208, M212, M232, and M237.

You will find tailgate grills at: M203, M219, M228, and U410. You will find the regular cheese steak cart in sections M226, M250, and U431.

The cheese steak here is amazing, with a jumbo cowboy cheese steak, as well as loaded cheese steak fries! 

Additionally, you have Crisp Locations, based at M218, M243, U409, and U439. Crisp locations have some incredible chicken tenders, burgers, and fries.

You can get the delicious hot honey chipotle wrap, which is truly amazing, packed with tenders, salad, and pepper jack cheese with an amazing honey chipotle sauce.

There is also the Mexican themed concession stand that can be located at M204, M229, U416, and U446. The taco carts located at U408 and U438 also sell this dish you should look out for.

This dish is called the pambazo. This Mexican sandwich is inspired by Mexico City, and it is filled with refried beans, potatoes, chorizo, Oaxaca cheese, and fresh salad with sour cream.

This is a delicious and unique food to eat at a stadium. 

AT&T Stadium - Dallas Cowboys - Food Options

Classic Food At AT&T Stadium

What is better than some classic game food at the stadium? The AT&T Stadium is probably one of the best stadiums in the state, and especially for food. 

Smokehouse BBQ can be found at U412, and U442 in the stadium. This is where you will find some delicious classic BBQ dishes, including this delicious BBQ bacon burger, topped with bacon, pickle, and BBQ sauce.

This is a classic burger, especially to be eating at a stadium. 

Sumo hot dogs can be found at sections M219, and M245. These hot dogs are amazing, with Asian inspired toppings to go with them, bringing a unique twist to a classic American stadium food. 

You can find ice cream waffle cones, as well as an ice cream machine at several locations. The flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookies.

You can find these at M222, M248, U405, and U435. Look for the main ice cream carts, specializing in delicious ice cream sundaes, which might be the perfect game food on a warm day. Find the ice cream carts at M219 and M245. 

Restaurants Near AT&T Stadium

There are quite a few restaurants dotted around the stadium. This includes Airways Hamburger, AT&T Stadium Sports Bar, and Boiling Tails Co.

These restaurants will be sure to serve some great bites to eat if you don’t fancy eating inside the stadium. 

How Much Does Food Cost At AT&T Stadium? 

The food at any stadium is expensive, but this food is almost always worth the price. Food is around $15 here, depending on what you get. 

Can You Bring Food Into The AT&T Stadium?

Bottles, cans, beverages, containers, or packets are not allowed into the stadium, but there is no strict protocol on general food. It is not recommended, though. 

What Restaurants Are Inside The AT&T Stadium? 

There are no restaurants within the stadium, but the closest you will get is the Mezzanine and upper concourse levels of the stadium.

This is because these areas tend to be quieter, and you will find more upmarket eateries, often with seating.

This includes the signature cheese steak, along with white queso, found at HOF in the mezzanine sections of 302, and 327. 

Additionally, there is the vegetarian section found in the main concourse actions, 219, and 245.

This includes a delicious miso-inspired portabello mushroom burger, with a carrot and cucumber salad, sliced avocado, and a whole wheat bun.

This is perfect if you are looking for something a little more upmarket in the stadium. 

How Much Does A Beer Cost At AT&T Stadium? 

AT&T Stadium tends to be slightly cheaper than some other stadiums. At this stadium, you will spend $5 for a 12oz beer.

How Much Is A Hamburger At AT&T Stadium?

Hamburgers at the stadium start at around $15, with one of the most famous being the ‘Smash’ playoff burger, costing $22. 

Final Thoughts

AT&T Stadium is one of the best and most known stadiums in the country. This is because it is home to the Dallas Cowboys, but also because of the amazing vibe and food at the stadium.

We hope this article has given you some great insight into the stadium, and where to get your food. 

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